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As a former student (92 - 96) I just visited the 50 years anniversary and visited the premises, too. I must say, I was shocked to see what Lincoln College DIDN'T do to "our" school that we are so proud of. Buckets in a row to catch the driplets of rain water coming into the main hall, numerous walls beeing wet like spounges, hardly any students to be seen... Stories about enormous fees and very little tuition hours a week. Endless misery in my eyes.

To me, really, the College and the region really didn't and still doesn't understand the impact our trade mirrors into that small East Midlands area and the potentials that are enormous.

So please...to whom it may concern: wake up, seek exchange with "us" in person..."us" wants to be understood as "students and teachers from today" but even more us embassadors of the tradtion (former students and alike) to find ways to bring this heritage into a good future!

Hagen Schiffler-Lustig, Laufen, Germany

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