Artificial intelligence impersonations of human writing are very good – and that’s why this writer isn’t afraid of them
A visit to Oslo for Dextra Musica's Master to Master exhibition left me feeling envious of the Norwegian culture of philanthropy and the very real…
The great film maker's classical music documentaries demonstrated how exciting and damn sexy classical music can be, not to mention fun
There are many good reasons for music colleges to include adult learners, so why do they seem reluctant?
Celebrate the joint birthday of two violin geniuses
A plea to end the wispy-bulgy school of violin playing
Cate Blanchett takes up a baton for the story of Lydia Tár but misses the fire of a great conductor and underplays the struggles of female conductors
The death of violin expert Norman Rosenberg marks the end of an era and raises questions for the violin world
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